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Underworld Tales Magazine--it may scare you to death!
Volume 7 Issue 1


Elisa Lam Psychic Investigation

New psychic account! 2015
A shocking true account of a tragedy that stunned the world by Marie St. Claire.

Ourang Medan, Ghost Ship

New ghost story! 2015
A chilling tale about an ill-fated ship and its crew.

The Devin Rang Three Times

New psychic account! 2015
A terrifying true account by Marie St. Claire of a demon encounter.

Unknown Black Cat

New ghost story! 2014
An true account about a ghost cat

All Hallows Eve

New Poem!
A Halloween Poem by Bobette Bryan

Princess Diana's Death

A New! investigation! 2014
Was there a conspiracy behind Diana's death? Find out!

Halloween Is Here

New Halloween Poem! 2014
That's right Halloween is here--at Underworld Tales, it's Halloween all year long!

Favorite Articles

The Amityville Haunting--Truth or Fiction?

Updated 2015
A Psychic Investigation

A Mystery Lady

A Psychic Dream Connection by Marie St. Claire

Waverly Hills Sanatarium-- Haunted Hospital

A real ghost account by Bobette Bryan along with Marie St. Claire's psychic impressions.

No Where to Go

A humorous short poem by Bobette Bryan. Be glad that you
have somewhere to go!

The Lady In Black
A Miracle?

An amazing story about a mysterious spirit who saves a man's life. Who was she? Find out in this issue!

Healing Hands

Is there such a thing as a healing touch? You decide!

No Rest for Harry

Actor Telly Savalas had a strange encounter with a ghost on a dismal, rainy night. Don't miss this amazing tale!

Ghost Stories

My Haunted Mansion

Underworld Editor, Bobette Bryan's, account of her haunted Victorian mansion.

Ivan Vassili-- Haunted Ship

A terrifying true ghost account about a haunted Russian ship. This story proves that ghosts can indeed be harmful. But find out for yourself.

Devil's Stomping Ground

An odd little spot where strange things happen. Honestly, you wouldn't want to go camping here!

The Ghosts of Scotland Part

Take a cyber tour of some of the most haunted places in Scotland!

The Bell Witch

A chilling true tale about a spirit who terrorized a family.

The Death of James Dean

Was James Dean cursed? Possibly. At any rate, there's all kinds of odd supernatural events surrounding his death...and the car that killed him!

More on the Bell Witch

Pat Fitzhugh gives us another look at the Bell witch story. Find out what he has dug up in his ghostly research!

More Real Ghost Stories

A collection of chilling real ghost stories to haunt you all night long!



He's here, moaning in the night.

Still There

And he's still here!

The Raven

One of Poe's greatest pieces!

When I'm Dead

A humorous poem about death!

Death of the Grim Reaper

Can the grim reaper die? Find out!

Dark Spirit of the Desart Rude

Would you dare to wake this spirit? Shelley did!

More Dark Poetry

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At Underworld it's Halloween all year!
"To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth." Voltaire
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Underworld Tales--a Horror Magazine

Welcome! Underworld is a dark online literary magazine with horror fiction, true ghost stories, dark poetry, and other strange stuff to delight and entertain the ghoulish reader. This is a classic internet site that has been around since the 1990s.

Here you'll find everything from vampires to ghosts with a little bit of mystery and science fiction mixed in. Just sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. You'll need to get a grip on yourself before you delve into our terrifying tombs.

Halloween HorrorChilling Halloween Issue
It's not too late You can still check out our Halloween issue. After all, it's Halloween all year long at Underworld Tales Magazine. In this issue you'll find more terrifying tales, more ghost stories, and more dark poetry! Drop by if you're in the mood for some trick or treating! We'll fill your bag with bones.

Christmas horrorChilling Christmas Issue
You can still get into the spirit of holiday horror with our eerie Christmas issue. Hang your stockings by the fire and let us fill them with our spine-chilling tales.  In this issue you'll find terrifying ghost stories, fiction and more. Drop in if you're in a festive haunting mood.

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While you're here don't forget to check out our Classic Horror stories. We offer you a full-length novella, The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James. So please check this dusty tomb out! It nearly cost us an arm and a leg to unearth such a treasure for you, but luckily, we were able to fight off the walkers.

And finally, though time is ever short in the living years, we're back, and trying to spiff up the site a bit-- while retaining its classic character. We'll be adding great new content, including more of Marie's psychic investigations. We would tell you more, but decided that it would be best to fill you with anticipation about what we'll be serving up. Actually, we're afraid that we might scare you away if we tell you our plans now. So keep dropping by, and don't forget our upcoming issues or else.
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Horror Stories

Classic Underworld. Some of these tales hail from the early days of the Magazine. Just...take a look if you dare.

A horror collection

Robots INC

An updated and edited version of my very odd, classic Underworld tale. I hope you enjoy it. (800 words)


Janil's parents think she has gone completely mad. Her fiancée died in the Gulf War and yet she claims to be with him in Chicago. How is it possible? (3,000 words)

Faded Roses and Cthulhu

Is this woman going mad or is a strange creature from beyond really visiting her? You decide with this strange dark sci-fi story.(10,000)


A poor soul is trapped in a graveyard. Whatever to do? There's nothing around but blacked trees and busted tombstones. There's nobody to help him. The only shelter appears to be some old abandoned house in the cemetery. Yikes! (6,000)

The Last Trip of the Titanic

There's something strange going on aboard the Titanic and it seems like engineer, Andrews is the only one who's aware of it. If only he could get the others to listen this time!

More Horror Stories

A collection of terrifying short fiction.

objets d'macabre

Death Quotes

A collection of quotes to chill your blood!


A collection of deathly humor--talk about having the last word.

The Chase Vaults

What's the deal with these moving coffins? Supernatural happenings or prank? You decide.

Thanksgiving Feast

Can you guess what this person is serving up for Thanksgiving?

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