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The Devil's Stomping Grounds


Bobette Bryan 2004

     There's an eerie little spot in Siler City about three hours from the North Carolina coast in Chatham County called the "Devil's Stomping Ground."
     For two hundred years, this small patch of land, located about 100 feet off a country road near Siler City Airport, has been known for odd and unexplainable phenomena. People claim it's where "the Devil plays."
     This perfect little grassy spot, an oval roughly two feet wide and fifteen feet in diameter, is an area that animals shy away from. People feel a sudden urge to lock their car doors as they drive past.
     Some have witnessed red glowing eyes where the circle lies.
     No one can drive their car over the spot without it stalling out. And those who are foolish enough to try will likely find that their car won't start afterward.
     It's said that no one has been able to spend a night on the spot. According to legend, anyone who has ever tried has found themselves outside the oval come dawn.
      In October, 1998, Ethan Feinsilven, a journalist, tried for himself. He was skeptical and wanted to disprove the stories. 
     He went to the spot, pitched his tent and settled in for the night with his two dogs.  And, indeed, he did manage to sleep in the circle the whole night, but the night was disturbing, to say the least, as he continually heard footsteps, which he described as "ghostly," and "kind of muffled."
     Despite successfully spending the night on the spot, he came away from the experience certain that there was indeed something sinister at the site.
     If you want to find out more, you could always try it for yourself.

Author's Comments
I've extensively studied hauntings during the past few years, and I believe that the strange happenings at this location are a haunting. I think someone is buried in the spot and doesn't want to be disturbed. The person was probably murdered and is certainly not at rest.

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