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Rachel Cooke
A Psychic Investigation
by Marie Saint Claire

Mystic Echoes
An Underworld Tales Exclusive
2005 Underworldtales.com

Background Information:  A reader asked me to investigate the Rachel Cooke case.  Here are the facts:  twenty-year old Rachel Cooke, an accomplished cross-country runner, left her home in the Northlake development on FM 3405 northwest of Georgetown, Texas (north of Austin) on the morning of Thursday, January 10, 2002, to go on her usual 3-4 mile morning jog around the neighborhood. Sometime around 11 AM, near the end of her run and possibly within 200 yards of home, she disappeared.

Preliminary Thoughts:  For the sake of the parents, I decided to attempt to connect to this case in hopes that I can learn something that might shed some light on the mystery.  I've been to Austin, Texas and have driven past Georgetown (many years ago), and I hoped that my personal experience with the area might help me connect to the case. I've never been to the Northlake Development, where Rachel lived and if someone out there has any photos of the area, I'd love to see them.  It could help me connect to the case.

My first thoughts were that the killer had probably been watching her and was familiar with her schedule and probably lived or worked along the route she ran.  He waited to act until her run was nearly over, because she would be tired and easier to abduct.

I also recalled that there used to be a notorious rapist in Austin who preyed upon female joggers in the park, and I wondered if the case could be connected. 

I don't believe that this was a first time crime for whoever abducted Rachel.  This was an experienced criminal--possibly even a serial killer. 

Psychic Connection: I'm reluctant to report my investigation on this case at this time, because my initial connection was unsatisfactory and only left me with more questions than answers.  I've certainly not put the case together from what I've seen so far and will need to investigate further.  But I decided to lay out what I've seen in case someone can shed some light on what any of it means.

Also Rachel did not speak to me directly. Everything I saw came in the form of images.

The first thing I saw was a blue neon light, as if from some kind of business sign, shining in the distance.  This is something that only someone living in the area could possibly translate into any kind of meaning. 

Another thing that I saw repeatedly was a two-story clapboard house that appeared to be Victorian. It had a gabled roof which seemed to jut out precariously, and I saw it from the back at dirt level (and at a strange angle) when I asked where Rachel was.  This house scared me.  I believe that Rachel was taken to and imprisoned in that house after she was abducted.  I wonder if there are any old houses in the Georgetown area that could fit this description--another thing that only a resident of the area can answer. It sat on a large lot and had a desolate appearance.

Someone suggested to me that perhaps the house is not Victorian but only Victorian in style.  That's a possibility, but it appeared to be an authentic Victorian from around the turn of the century.

And then I saw water as if I were swimming in the depths.  Again, I asked Rachel where she is, and soon, I saw skeletal remains on the floor of this body of water.  I'm not sure if this is a lake, a river, a pond, or--possibly even the bottom of a well.  I did go through what looked like a dark rocky tunnel to get to this place, but the tunnel could merely represent the psychic connection.  This is something that requires further investigation.  I'm going to try to connect again and see if I can get a better pinpoint as to where or what this body of water is.

The water was a turquoise blue and strong rays of gold light were streaming down from above.

Again, I saw that house.  It kept reappearing in my vision and each time it gave me chills.  I believe she was killed there.

The connection broke, and I tried again that same night before I went to bed.  And I saw Rachel sitting on the floor in a room, her back against the wall.  It was as if I was in a hall and peeking through an open doorway and she was on the floor, her legs stretched out before her.  I could only see her legs and the lower part of her abdomen.  She wore shorts.  I didn't see her face but I knew it was her.  Something bothered me about the view.  I believe that she was bound to something.  I don't know if she was alive or dead, but she wasn't moving and there was something troubling about the way she sat there.  I couldn't make out much of the room; it was too blurry, but I believe that there was a bed or a daybed on the far side against the wall.  And again, I got the impression that this was an old house.

"Show me the killer," I said.

A face formed in the shadows that I couldn't make out.  And then I briefly saw the fleeting image of a middle-aged man in a casket. He was dressed in a suit, dark hair, average build.  Does this mean her killer is dead?  I'm not sure yet. This is another thing that requires further investigation.

I asked again and again: "Show me the killer. Show me what happened." But I saw nothing else.

Here I got spooked (which broke the connection) because suddenly a terrible cold filled the room around me (this happened during one of my Natalee Holloway connections too). I sensed something was near.  My dog was laying on the floor next to me and the presence spooked him too. He stood, hair standing up, and hurried to the other side of the room,  where he sat and looked back toward me, moving his head back and forth as if he were trying to figure something out.

It was obvious to me that a spirit had tried to come through in physical form.  This is not how I like to connect.  I prefer "mind only" mode. Quite frankly, I was terrified.  But after I'd calmed down a bit, I realized that my fear stemmed not only on the apparent spirit visitation but on what had happened to this beautiful young girl in that chilling house.

My fear was so great, in fact, that I had to distract myself by doing some work around the house to get my mind off of it all. I found myself in the kitchen doing some baking.  Needless to say, I couldn't sleep that night.

I did attempt yet another connection later that night, however, and I saw something unexpected and wonderful that calmed my fear.  I saw Rachel in spirit form.  At first it was dark and then light formed from behind some clouds.  An opening formed and Rachel stepped into view.  She was beautiful beyond words, a long white gown flowing about her, golden rays shining from behind and around her head.

I'm happy to say that Rachel is not an earth bound spirit.  She has crossed over to a more beautiful place.  Often victims of terrible crimes like this will become imprisoned in this plane of existence, unable to accept their death.  But Rachel has found peace.

I'd never seen something like this during a connection.

No longer afraid, I finally went to sleep.

The next morning, I immediately tried to connect again. More than anything, I'd like to know where Rachel is so that the family can have the closure they need. But this time, I was unsuccessful at learning anything new.  All I saw, again, was water. 

"Give me something," I said, "that can be used to pinpoint your location."

All I saw were rocks.

Deciding to try again later, I arose and noticed that there was the terrible smell of decay in the room, and I recalled how a presence had tried to materialize the night before.  Suddenly I realized that the presence in the room had not been Rachel.  I was scared anew. Perhaps her killer is dead.  I'll try to connect again during the next few days and see if I can learn anything more.

One last thing before I close: the name Christine or Christina keeps barging into my thoughts when I try to connect to the case--perhaps another victim of this killer.

Research:  None except for the brief write up about the case on the Official Rachel Cooke site.

Conclusion:  At this time my investigation is inconclusive.  I will try to connect to this case again and see if I can learn more details. 


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