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JonBenét Ramsey–Solved at Lastjonbenet-ramsey

A Psychic investigation by Marie St. Claire, 2016

Christmas, 1996 was a happy time for the Ramsey family who absolutely loved the holiday. They were excited for the kids, excited that John had received a six digit bonus payment as John’s company had topped a billion dollars in annual sales. What’s more, Patsy had recovered from ovarian cancer, and that seemed nothing short of miraculous. Everyone was happy and hopeful and looking forward to a vacation in Michigan and a cruise aboard a Disney ship. Then tragedy struck. Under the cover of darkness, someone broke into the Ramsey house and stole six year old Jonbenet from her bed. Abused and murdered, her tiny, brutalized body was discarded in a moldy storage room in the basement.

Her killer has never been found.

In 2004, I did a psychic investigation on the JonBenet Ramsey murder, one of my early investigations, and published my findings on UnderworldTales. You can read the old article about my investigation here. I received crucial information in that vision from JonBenet herself, but, to my utter frustration, I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell me.

With the 20th anniversary of the murder approaching, the cold case is often in the news and numerous documentaries on the subject have been released this fall. JonBenet’s brother, Burke, has even appeared on Dr. Phil.

The media storm has made me think about that long ago vision I had, and what it could mean.

I’d seen JonBenet, who was trapped in a frozen lake outside her house, and she’d frantically yelled a cryptic word that sounded like “Tygail.” I’d seen a man whom I believed was the killer stroll down the street, his eyes on the Ramsey house, and he’d turned and looked at me. For reasons that I don’t understand, the experience had left me bereft of a certain type of a very powerful out-of-body psychic connection that I used to do frequently. Though I’ve tried many times during the past twelve years, I’ve not been able to do that type of vision again. So I’ve avoided the case for all of these years, but the unsolved murder has weighed heavily on me so I decided to take another look. And I’m glad I did as I’ve finally figured out what JonBenet was trying to tell me and who’s responsible for her murder.

When I recently attempted to psychically connect to the case, I felt that old, odd resistance. The images were faint and murky as if I was looking through a smoky lens. It still seemed like some force was working against me and attempting to bar me from peeking in on the happenings that night, but I tried repeatedly during the past two months. And though I don’t have all of the answers to every single thing that occurred that night, I’ve found the information that I need to reconstruct those events and identify JonBenet’s murderer.

My first attempt, and many others, revealed JonBenet strolling the house, sweeping down the stairs, looking out the window, and smiling in that stellar way of hers.  Always, she wore pale-colored pajamas. Though she seemed happy, I was convinced that she’s not. JonBenet could be earthbound and trapped; therefore, I intended to return at a later date and see if I can help her cross over.

Another recurring theme I’ve seen in my connections to this case is a dreary place that looked like some kind of junkyard with lots of cluttered, dimly lit objects stacked on top of each other. Men sat around a table chatting. I couldn’t make out their features only their silhouettes. It seemed to be an unhappy place, but I had no idea where this junkyard was or how it was connected to the Ramsey case.

In another vision when I was focusing on the killer, I saw three men at this junkyard go to the Ramsey house. This may not be literal but symbolic, meaning that three men were involved or, at the very least, knew about the plan to kidnap JonBenet.

3325413200000578-3538060-image-a-1_1460567350069-1In another vision, I saw a man dressed in black approach the house. He entered via the grated basement egress window. I saw him move through the basement and through the house, searching. The murder took place on Christmas night, and the Ramsey’s had gone to a friend’s house for dinner. I believe this man hid in the basement while they were gone and waited. One of the other men may have accompanied him or may have served as a look out. Repeatedly, I saw the man in black enter JonBenet’s room and approach her bed, a small black device in his hand. At first, I had no idea what the device was as I could barely make it out.

I had two more visions focusing only on the killer or killers’ name, and I kept seeing what looked like a letter “C” or a “G.” It wasn’t until I went to the research phase of my investigation that I finally put these clues together and solved the case, but the clue I’d received back in 2004 was the most powerful clue of all. That’s usually how it is with my visions. The very first time I connect, I receive the most valuable and accurate clues, and I had received a word directly from JonBenet.

However, as I’ve previously explained, sometimes when I “hear” a word in my visions, the pronunciation is a little off the mark as I’m having to hear it psychically, which is somewhat like trying to hear through water. So sometimes I “mishear” some of the sounds of words. Years ago when JonBenet kept frantically saying, “Tygail” as I detailed in my earlier article, that word had me stumped. I’d even sought the help of other psychics in trying to figure out what this mysterious word could mean, because I knew it was the key. But they too had no idea.

But this week, the case heavy on my mind as I watched some of the new documentaries on the case and pondered that poor, little girl’s death, I sat down and said the word repeatedly out loud, and it finally made sense.

Oh, what a wonderful feeling filled me when the truth dawned. It was like a crack of lightening in my mind that brought the most amazing and refreshing relief.

“Tygail” means Michael.

Michael is the killer’s name!

Now, all I had to go was go over the list of suspects and see if any of them were a Michael and whether such a suspect matched my other clues.

Since my 2004 investigation, more information has emerged about the case, and, straight away, I came to a suspect named Michael Helgoth and knew I was on the right track as he fits the profile of a suspect whom I believe is capable of committing such a murder, and he worked in an auto junkyard in Boulder (The junkyard I’d seen in my recent visions.).

3325114e00000578-3538060-image-m-38_1460564610825According to a witness who knew Helgoth well, Helgoth had a mean, sadistic streak, enjoying shooting cats and killing kittens with his bare hands.  Such animal cruelty is typical of someone with antisocial personality disorder. The man simply had no empathy and enjoyed causing others pain. Helgoth also told the witness that he wanted to “crack a human skull,” and JonBenet had a severe skull fracture.

He reportedly also had a fascination with young girls. His ex-girlfriend said she had come home unexpectedly one evening and found her daughter on his bed. Helgoth was nude beneath the sheets. He’d admitted that he couldn’t trust himself with her daughter. She eventually had to take out a restraining order against him to protect her child.

Helgoth also had a stalking inclination. In the months before the murder, up to a dozen houses near the Ramseys were broken into at night. There was a curious pattern to these burglaries in that little or nothing was taken. Detectives believe they were carried out simply for the thrill of stalking others. The break-ins stopped abruptly after the
murder. The Boulder Police did not link them to the murder, but new investigators believe these break-ins might be the key to cracking the case because, according to a witness, Helgoth, in black ninja clothing, often stalked people at night.

What’s more, before JonBenet’s murder, Helgoth was reportedly elated in late November, claiming that he and a partner had a killer deal and each were going to make fifty or sixty thousand dollars. These figures are highly suspicious since the ransom note that was left at the Ramsey home demanded $118,000, close to the amount Helgoth bragged about.

But Christmas came and went, and, according to the witness, Helgoth became very depressed, because the deal hadn’t panned out.

In January 1997, the local district attorney gave an ominous warning in a news conference to the killer, saying that the list of suspects had narrowed. Looking directly into the camera, he added: “You will pay for what you’ve done to this beautiful little girl.” Two days later, on Valentine’s Day 1997, Helgoth was found dead in his small Boulder apartment. The official cause of death was suicide, but many believe that he’d been murdered, because someone wanted to permanently shut him up. After all, the gun was found on the opposite side of his body from where the bullet had entered.

This is a crime scene photo showing the aftermath of Michael Helgoth's suicide. It's shot through the door of his small apartment. A leg from his body is visible at left. His cramped room included a mattress on the floor where he slept. At lower right is a pair of Hi-Tek boots.

This is a crime scene photo showing the aftermath
of Michael Helgoth’s suicide. It’s shot through the
door of his small apartment. A leg from his body
is visible at left. His cramped room included
a mattress on the floor where he slept. At lower
right is a pair of Hi-Tek boots.

What’s more, there was no suicide note, and the scene of his death looked staged. A pair of boots with a Hi-Tec logo that matched a footprint found beside JonBenet’s body in the Ramsey basement and a stun gun with the initials “S.B.T.C.” were beside him. The same initials had been used in the ransom letter.

It’s simply far too convenient that these items would be right there beside his body, making some wonder if an accomplice in the Ramsey murder wanted to silence him. I believe this is what happened. I believe someone was afraid that Michael was about to crack.

Among his belongings were video recordings about little girls and newspaper clippings about another murdered child, five-year-old Alie Berrelez.  The clippings told of her abduction, which occurred near Boulder three years before JonBenet’s killing. The video included a newscast of the May 1993 discovery of  her body in a duffel bag. No one was ever charged in the case.

Was Helgoth involved in that crime as well? I don’t know. I’d have to do another psychic investigation to find out.

Perhaps it’s a stretch, but detectives also found the Disney family film “The Santa Clause,” showing a little girl being awoken by Father Christmas on Christmas Eve — JonBenet was awoken by someone on Christmas Night.

However one looks at it, Helgoth looks highly suspicious, but I believe that another person was in the Ramsey home with Helgoth that night.

My visions suggest it as does the physical evidence, including footprints and the number of objects taken in and out of the house, which includes a rope, stun gun, white tent cord, ball bat, and duct tape. It’s possible, but it would have been difficult for just one person to have done everything that happened that night. And the ransom note also suggests that more than one person was involved. It says: “We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction.” It warns about “two gentlemen watching over your daughter,” and throughout, it refers to the kidnappers in the plural.

So who was this other person? I believe that’s where the letter “G” or “C” that I saw in a recent vision comes in. It’s the first or last letter of the accomplice’s name. And it’s well-known that Helgoth had a violent associate who shared his interest in martial arts and young girls, a man who is known as a control freak, a man who frightened every one around him. He has a violent history and was quick to lash out. He too was into dark clothing, always wore a black t-shirt, black pants, and black boots. He was convicted of a sex crime involving a minor in the 80s and, more recently, convicted of stabbing someone.

Both he and Helgoth had wolf hybrid dogs, and unidentified animal hairs were found in the cellar where JonBenet’s body was found. The hairs match the color of the dogs’ coats.


As I said previously, I don’t have all of the answers to this very complex case, but I’m sure that Helgoth and his accomplice broke into the Ramsey home and killed JonBenet. This is a likely scenario of what went down that night based on what I saw in my visions and the physical evidence.

Michael Helgoth and an accomplice whom I’ll call “G” broke into the Ramsey home on that fateful night while the Ramseys were out on Christmas evening. Helgoth had been planning this for a while, knew the Ramsey’s were very rich and had heard through the grapevine that John Ramsey was getting a huge bonus. Or, a more terrifying thought, he’d broken into the house previously and heard or saw information about the bonus. He may have also overheard that they were going to visit friends on Christmas evening.

No doubt, he’d watched the family, stalked them like prey, not only to learn their schedules and habits, but also for the thrill of it. And now, he and his accomplice hoped to abduct JonBenet and hold her for ransom. The main motive was money. Helgoth, however, was excited for another reason, he was a sadistic pedophile with a fascination for the beautiful JonBenet. He intended to live out his sadistic sexual fantasy before he killed her. And yes, these two had intended to kill JonBenet all along. Even if they’d successfully abducted her from the house and received ransom money, JonBenet would be dead.

jon-benet-grateWearing black and with back packs containing the tools of their trade, the two went to the Ramsey residence. One of the men found a child’s baseball bat in the yard and took it with him to use as a weapon. They opened the grate above an egress window and climbed through an unlocked basement window into the so-called train room. Helgoth was already familiar with the complex layout of the nearly 8,000 square foot mansion, as he’d previously broken in and may have also attended the two day Christmas open-house the Ramsey family had hosted, but the two did a thorough walk through anyway. In the kitchen, one of them found Mrs. Ramsey’s pad and a black Sharpie and wrote the ransom note.

Then they waited, perhaps in a second-floor guest room over the garage and adjacent to JonBenet’s room, where there would be a good view of the Ramseys return.

It was a tedious wait, and their excitement from the thrill of anticipation must have been high, but finally, they heard the car pull into the garage at around 9:30 PM, and went to their hiding spots where they could listen.

The Ramseys had no idea that someone had broken in and noticed nothing unusual. It had been a long, tiring day and JonBenet had fallen asleep in the car so they took her up to her bedroom and put her in bed. John Ramsey and Burke returned to the living room and worked on Burke’s model that he’d gotten for Christmas.  But everyone went to bed at around 10:00 PM as they had to get up at 5 AM in the morning for their trip.

Maybe JonBenet heard some commotion as Burke went to bed. She woke up. Hungry, (and I sense, thirsty) she went downstairs to the kitchen. She had a bit of pineapple that she found in refrigerator, and thought about her “Secret Santa.”

That evening while she’d been playing at the home of a neighborhood friend, JonBenet had told her friend’s mother that “Santa Claus” was going to pay her a “special” visit after Christmas and that it was a secret. This Santa remains a mystery and the person has never been identified. There was a friend of the family who dressed like Santa and had come to the family’s open house Christmas gala, but no one knows if JonBenet was referring to this man. At any rate, JonBenet eagerly looked forward to this meeting with Santa and put the bowl of pineapple and a glass of tea on the dining room table for him.

Then, she went back to bed, and soon the house fell silent.

Sometime between 11 PM and midnight, the intruders moved into action. They snuck into JonBenet’s room and fired a stun gun against her body to knock her out — the small black device I’d seen in my vision. Then they carried her downstairs to the basement where they intended to wrap her in a white blanket they’d found in the house and take her out of the open window, and maybe even put her in a suitcase–similar to the Berrelez case.

Helgoth, who had a fascination with Barbie dolls, had also taken a Barbie nightgown from JonBenet’s room perhaps to have her wear later after they took her from the house. But once in the basement, they found that it would be impossible to put her in the suitcase or lift her out the window.

And the effects of the stun gun had worn off much sooner than expected. JonBenet fought and screamed. A neighbor reported hearing a child’s scream around midnight, and experiments have demonstrated that the vent from the basement may have amplified the sound so that it could have been heard outside the house, but not three stories up, in the Ramsey’s master bedroom. Likely panicking, the intruders used the stun gun on JonBenet again to silence her, then they taped her mouth shut and sat her in a chair. That’s when Helgoth decided to act on his sexual urges. A sexual sadist, he was excited from his victim’s physical and psychological suffering and helplessness. He made a garrote with complicated rope slipknots, using one of Patsy Ramsey’s paintbrushes in the basement. He sexually assaulted her with a piece of the broken paintbrush. I’m not sure if the other intruder participated in the sexual assault, but DNA evidence suggests it. Detective Smit who’d investigated the case said: “You don’t make something like that unless you know how to make it. He was fantasizing about using this on JonBenet.” I couldn’t agree more.


In addition, I believe that at some point “G” took a marker he found at the house, perhaps from the basement, and wrote his mark on the palm of JonBenet’s hand. In the autopsy photos, the mark looks like a heart, but it’s actually the letter “G.”

Helgoth tightened the garrote, but somehow JonBenet managed to overcome the stun affects again and resumed her struggle. Her tiny nail marks above the ligature can be seen in her autopsy photos. So Helgoth lifted her arms above her head and tied ligatures around her wrists with the white tent cord, which served to enhance his bondage fantasy. Then, he moved the garrote higher on her neck and tightened it again, strangling her this time. One of the men, likely Helgoth, then hit her in the head with a ball bat, fracturing her skull to make sure she was dead.

Without an ounce of regret or empathy, the killers wrapped her in the blanket and took her to the wine room. The nightgown had been balled up inside the blanket or had stuck to it and simply landed beside her as the killers lowered JonBenet to the floor.

I have a sense that Helgoth wanted to stay a while and savor the scene, but his accomplice convinced him that they needed to leave. They tried to use the suitcase below the window as a step ladder, but found it was too difficult to exit the way they’d entered so they left via the butler’s door, leaving it open, and tossed the ball bat on the ground–the bat had carpet fibers on its surface that matched those found in the Ramsey’s basement. In an interview with Dr. Phil, Burke said that the baseball bat belongs to him, that he often left it outside on the patio.

Neither man knew that they’d left their footprints in the mold on the wine room floor. One print in particular was very distinct, a “HI-TEC” brand mark from the sole of the killer’s shoe. They’d also left a flashlight in the kitchen and the bag containing the tent rope in the guest bedroom. Perhaps they’d realized that they’d left these objects behind, but it was far too risky to return for it now.


Around 5 AM. Patsy Ramsey awoke to get ready for the trip. There was much to do, but first she needed coffee. She threw on her clothes from the night before and went downstairs to get some coffee on. As she did, she found the ransom note on the stairs leading to the kitchen and hell broke loose.

Eight hours later, JonBenet’s body was found in the basement.

Unfortunately, the police bumbled the crime scene and the investigation, focusing their attention on the Ramsey family rather than searching for the true killer. The media did their part as well to negatively sway public opinion about the Ramseys. Thus, the Ramseys were found guilty in the court of public opinion. To this day, many believe that they killed JonBenet. Though they were exonerated due to the touch DNA evidence in 2008, Patsy never lived to see it. She died in 2006 from ovarian cancer.

John Ramsey lost nearly everything that mattered to him–his daughter, his wife, and ultimately, his position and wealth. In 2006, he and Patsy were living in a rented house and though her ovarian cancer had returned, she had no health insurance. John had to do odd jobs to support them. Two years after Patsy died, he married Las Vegas fashion designer, Jan Rousseaux, and finally found some happiness.

Jonbenet’s brother, Burke, is working as a software engineer.

This poor family has suffered unspeakable grief and loss, and we can only hope that the future is much brighter for them. They, more than anyone I know, deserve happiness. As for JonBenet, the world will never forget the beautiful little girl and her brutal ending. May she rest in peace.

English: JonBenét Ramsey grave at Saint James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia./Español: La tumba de JonBenét Ramsey en el cementerio episcopal Saint James, ubicado en Marieta, Georgia.

English: JonBenét Ramsey grave at Saint James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia./Español: La tumba de JonBenét Ramsey en el cementerio episcopal Saint James, ubicado en Marieta, Georgia.