About Underworld Tales


Bobette Bryan founded Underworld Magazine in 1998 and discontinued the magazine in 2000. Due to a hectic work schedule, Ms. Bryan could no longer keep up the magazine; however, the Magazine returned as Underworld Tales in 2004.

Unfortunately, much of the material from the original Underworld Magazine no longer exists due to hard drive failure and faulty disks–yes, even the backups were fried. But we’ve added what we could dig up. The good news is: there’s still a lot of great classic Underworld material to enjoy, and a lot of chilling new stuff is on the way.

About Bobette Bryan
Underworld Editor and Publisher

bobettegifBobette Bryan took a temporary detour from fiction writing when she began writing and designing for a popular greeting card company. But she has returned from the dead, ready to reclaim some dreams of her own, and is here to delight and terrify you with more chilling tales from the great beyond. Learn more about her at her website at cookiecreation.com. She’s also the author of the romance novel, Painter of Dreams.

She has dabbled in most genres and considers herself to be a poet and novelist primarily.

Though she writes horror, she’s a Christian, and does not practice or condone Satanic worship in any way. Far from it, she’s a person of strong faith, and feels that there has always been an angel watching over and guiding her. Nevertheless, she feels that everyone has a dark side they’d like to express, which is why she started Underworld Magazine.

About Marie St. Claire
Resident Psychic Investigator

Though Ms. St. Claire was born and raised in the United States, she now resides in Canada along with her husband, who is a detective. The couple have four boys, two girls, and six Doberman pinschers. They live in a haunted house. She met Ms. Bryan many years ago when both lived in Austin, Texas and though the two now live thousands of miles apart, they’ve maintained a close friendship over the years. She was thrilled when Ms. Bryan offered her the opportunity to share some of her psychic investigations with others on Underworld Tales.

Ms. St. Claire has spent a lifetime studying supernatural phenomena and human behavior. In addition to an ability to connect to deceased spirits, she has precognitive abilities and is an empath, meaning she picks up on other’s emotions.

She is a Christian though she believes that none of the religions have it “right,” and that what’s in the heart is more important than what religion one subscribes to.

Read more about Marie here.

A web designer extraordinaire from Israel. She is the owner of a small record label, The Eastern Front, producing alternative music.

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