Chilling Tales

Cecil Hotel

Elisa Lam

A Psychic Investigation by Marie St. Claire

Case Facts

elisa-lamWhen the LAPD released a video of an elevator security camera, the last time Lam was known to have been seen alive, her strange behavior elicited worldwide interest.

The four minute video from around 2 AM revealed that she was acting paranoid. She leaned into the corner and nervously glanced into the hallway, often peeking around the door. She even cautiously ventured into the hall only to enter the elevator again and take cover in the corner. Though she was alone, it seemed that she was hiding from someone.

But see for yourself.  Here’s a link to a video on Youtube.

It almost seemed like she was playing hide and seek.

Back inside the elevator, she pressed numerous buttons, but the door refused to close. She stepped into the hall and flapped her hands, making wing like gestures. It seemed like she was explaining something to someone. She left the scene and somehow accessed the rooftop shortly afterward.

Oddly the elevator door finally closed.

Nineteen days later, the hotel guests complained about “sweetly” disgusting black water. A hotel maintenance worker checked the water tank only to discover Elisa’s decaying body.

Cecil Hotel History


The seven hundred room Cecil Hotel, built in 1927, had a notorious history long before Elisa stepped into its glossy, deco lobby.

Located near Skid Rowe, the hotel had quickly declined in popularity during the Great Depression. To survive, the Cecil offered rooms for bargain prices which attracted a seedier clientele.

The hotel’s reputation grew as a place of crime, suicide, and murder and was often referred to as “The Suicide.”

In an unsolved murder in 1964, Pigeon woman, Goldie Osgood, who enjoyed feeding the birds in a nearby square, was found dead in her room. She had been stabbed, strangled and raped.

Satanist Richard Ramirez, who’d murdered fourteen women, had lived on the thirteenth floor during his 1985 murder spree. Austrian serial killer, Johann “Jack” UnterwegerIt, the “Vienna Strangler,” was among its guests for five weeks in the 90s. The sexually sadistic psychopath, who’d been jailed and released in Austria for murder, had preyed on prostitutes just blocks away from the Cecil and had killed three during his stay.

Murder victim, Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, had also stayed at the hotel shortly before her death in 1947. Her body had been found eight blocks from the Hotel.

And now the Cecil is associated with yet another tragedy that will never be forgotten, Elisa’s mysterious death.

Somehow Elisa managed to access the hotel roof where she drowned in one of the 1,000 gallon water tanks. But how? Doors and stairs that access the hotel’s roof were reportedly locked. Only the staff had passcodes and keys, and any attempt to force an entry would have triggered an alarm. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the alarm system would have rang continuously until it was turned off using a special key.


And, against all odds, Elisa had somehow managed to get inside one of the 4-by-8-foot water tanks and pull the lid over herself. But the tanks are protected by heavy lids that would make such a task difficult to replace from within. Even firefighters had to cut a hole into the tank in order to get her body out.

So what happened and why did Elisa end up in the water tank? Had someone killed her? Had she killed herself? Was she drunk or high on something?

Her autopsy revealed no alcohol or narcotics, and her loved ones and friends have stated that she didn’t use either. She was on a heavy load of prescription medication for depression and was thought to be bipolar, however, that doesn’t mean she killed herself. In fact, the evidence suggests that suicide was far from her mind as she had plans to visit other places in California before she returned to British Columbia and had purchased gifts for her family at a nearby book store. She’d even sought the advice of an employee of the shop about gifts that would be easy to carry on the plane during the return trip to Canada.

Then what had happened that fateful night in February? I decided to take a psychic peek to find out.

Elisa Lam Psychic Investigation

The Lam case is one of the most peculiar I’ve ever come across. Just by looking at the footage of the video, I sense dark entities around her. They are apparent in the video. Those misty areas are not just shadows or camera pixel aberrations.

I decided to connect to the event to see if I could unravel this mystery.

After I connected, I immediately had a sense of foreboding and dread. I found myself staring down a deep square tunnel, which reminded me of an elevator shaft. But, far below, at the bottom, there was only red.

Red isn’t a good color to see in a vision as it usually denotes evil, danger, or some other negative force. So alarms were already sounding in my mind.

At first I thought that the red below was fire. But as I went deeper, I realized that it was liquid. Blood. I found myself at a slightly shifted angle as if the whole scene had turned 45 degrees so that I was suddenly looking at the shaft from the side. The blood spread out in long arms, flowed toward me, splashed gently. At first I thought that, perhaps, it was some kind of demonic water spirit, but that didn’t feel “right.”

Suddenly, I felt nauseous and feared that I would vomit. I had to break the connection, take a deep breath, and calm down.

I realized that Elisa had been dealing with some intense negative energy, and I was reluctant to continue. I never do investigations when something demonic could be involved, but I wanted to know more about what had happened to her.

A few hours later, I looked again. I relaxed and focused on Elisa’s death.

In a close-up view, I saw her climb red stairs–there’s that color again. I believe these were the red stairs leading up to the platform overlooking the water tanks. I then saw her in an awkward, near-crawling position at the top of a water tank.

She was alone.

There was no killer–as least not one who was living. Clearly no one had forced her there. She was there willingly. Then I saw her in the water tank. And I saw her struggle, trying to climb up the sides.

Then the view went black for several minutes.

This long period of darkness doubtlessly represented her death. I believe it came fairly quickly after she entered the tank.

What I’d seen was disturbing, but I continued to concentrate on the cause of her death, because I felt that there was more to it.

Then, many evil, gray faces floated up out of a darkness. They were bony, almost skeletal, yet a semi-transparent gray. Ghostlike. One of those faces stood out clearly, and, in fact, can be seen on the surveillance film footage when it’s zoomed in. You can see it when Elisa makes hand gestures.




I believe this face belongs to the sadistic Unterweger as the facial features of this entity, though distorted, appear to be very similar to his.

As I gazed at these terrifying spectral faces, pain suddenly ripped through the left side of my chest. Then another. I cried out. It felt as if I’d been stabbed with something sharp.

Needless to say, I broke the connection, certain that I was in danger.

The pain in my chest persisted for several hours. What’s more, I was disappointed in my vision. I wanted to know more. Something was missing, some key to this perplexing puzzle. Though I was reluctant to return to a place where I’d been attacked, I tried again the next day, and I’m glad I did. Whereas before, I’d picked up more on symbology and events, this time, I made a closer connection to Elisa and picked up on her thoughts and feelings.

Now I felt that I knew her as a person and was able to see some of the events from her hotel stay through her eyes.

She’d seen a man several times in the hotel, a man with grayish sandy hair. He wore a sleek black suit, which had a slightly vintage look. Though he was handsome and carried himself with great dignity, his eyes were dark and empty.

She’d first seen him in her hotel room when he’d materialized and strolled across the room before her bed. His back to her, he’d vanished before her door.

As I was seeing him through her eyes, I couldn’t see his face during this event, but I saw enough of his profile to believe that he was Unterweger.

And I knew that I had seen enough. From my research and my psychic investigation, I now understood what had happened that night.


Two things were responsible for Elisa’s death–her mental illness and the influence of the negative spirits who stalked her during her stay at the hotel.

From the moment Elisa had entered the hotel, negative entities had homed in on her, namely the misogynistic Johann Unterweger who’d appeared in her room. He was attracted to her, because, alone and depressed, she was vulnerable. She also wore red, and he liked red, had often worn the shade himself.

It’s also likely that she possessed some form of previously untapped psychic ability that called these evil beings to her. They are like parasites and they not only wanted to do her harm, but also to feed off of her energy.

At some point, perhaps immediately after she’d checked in, she became aware that “something” was watching her, following her, but she couldn’t comprehend what it was. Many have reported odd happenings in the hotel, including persistent spectral door knocks, a feeling of being strangled by phantom hands, and a sudden desire to commit suicide by jumping out of a hotel window.

On what was to be her last night there, something scared Elisa, something she didn’t understand. I believe this was the night that she saw Unterweger’s full-bodied apparition in her room. I saw her struggle to sleep, and then sit up in bed, alarmed. Perhaps this was the first time that she’d witnessed something supernatural. If so, it would have been quite a shock. Even worse, this event, along with her lack of rest, made her apprehension skyrocket. In turn, this anxiety worsened her bipolar illness, which made her even more vulnerable to supernatural forces.

Scared and hoping to evade the negative presence, she threw her clothes on, not even bothering with her bra, (Unterweger had strangled some of his victims with their bra, and she might have been aware of this on some level). Because there was a pervasive chill in the room, she also slipped into her jacket. Then, she fled her room, making her way to the first floor where a hotel employee saw her. Even in the well-lit lobby, Elisa couldn’t shake the sense that someone was following her, someone dangerous and deadly.

That someone was evil and didn’t intend for her to get out alive. He’d killed before and wanted to kill again. Craved it.

But how could this be possible when he’d been dead since 1994? After being apprehended in Austria for his latest murder spree, he’d hung himself in his jail cell.

Did Elisa have prior knowledge about the hotel’s notorious history and the murderous residents who had once occupied it? I can’t answer that. I have no idea. But if she did, seeing a spirit like Unterweger would have been all the more terrifying.

I only know that, anxiety heightening, she was becoming more and more confused that night. Early on at the hotel, there had been some peculiar happenings, but she’d told herself that it was all merely a product of her mental disorder and her imagination. But now, things were spiraling out of control. Logic was eluding her. Something was trying to take over. Her thoughts were no longer fully hers to command. All the while, she had an overwhelming urge to go to the rooftop and jump. A voice repeatedly crept into her head and told her to do so.

She decided to seek refuge elsewhere in the hotel. If she did, maybe the man would go away and leave her alone.

He wouldn’t. Unterweger wanted blood. And on some level, she knew it.

The man in black was coming for her, sending her on a mad quest through the hotel in search of a safe haven.

Even on the 14th floor, she felt his presence. Though she couldn’t see him, the hairs stood up on the back of her neck, and a bone-chilling cold suffused the space around her. He must be near.

Scrambling down the hall, she ducked into the elevator and hoped he’d pass by without noticing her. She would go to another floor, but which one?

She pressed several buttons but the elevator stood still. The door remained open.

Again she peeked into the hall. The man was nowhere in sight. Perhaps there was still time to escape. But why wasn’t the elevator working? She squeezed into the corner of the car and leaned into the cool steel, unaware of the dark clouds of suffocating negativity around her, unaware that he and his minions were already there with her, taking in her every move.

She waited. Peeking out from time to time, cautiously stepping into the hall.

She would try the elevator again. In frustration, she entered and pressed several buttons. Still the door didn’t close. Poking her head into the hall, it seemed like he was all around her. He was there, and yet he wasn’t. But how could this be?

Wringing her hands, she unsuccessfully battled her growing apprehension, growing hysteria as that intrusive voice in her head urged her to go to the roof.

Her will was weakening. Full-blown paranoia was taking over. In fear of her life, she stalked off in hopes of finding some way to elude him.

At the end of the hall, she discovered a fire entrance that was unlocked. The alarm didn’t sound when she exited. Swiftly, she climbed to the fire ladder to the roof. She stumbled along the gray rooftop for a while, looking for a safe haven only to espy the tanks that were on a platform several feet above the roof line.

The man had found her. She was acutely aware of it, felt the chilling presence, heard the voice in her head that urged her to jump.

She dashed up a second set of stairs that led to the platform above the tanks.

She must find a place to hide.

After jumping six feet down onto a tank, she lifted the 18 inch, rectangular lid at the top and squeezed her legs through the narrow opening to begin her descent. One hand grasped the lid as she lowered herself into the tank. She released the lid as she plunged into the water. The lid slammed shut, blocking out the moonlight.

The water was cold on her flesh, but, surely, she’d be safe there. She could bear the cold if it would keep her safe from him and silence the dangerous thoughts that plagued her. She didn’t want to die. Suicide had never been her intention.

But even here, in the darkness, she felt that she could not elude him, felt she was in grave danger.

Reality was rolling in due to the shock of her situation and her plunge into the cold water. The eight foot tall tank was a third full, and she struggled to keep her head above the water line. Panic filled her when she understood that there was no way out.

But somehow, she must find a way.

She removed the clothes that were weighing her down, even her watch. But it did no good whatsoever. She was struggling to breathe and beginning to lose consciousness. Blackness was squeezing in on her, choking out her life.

The evil forces had won.

Two weeks later, hotel guests complained about the water pressure. A workman was sent to investigate. He discovered that a valve was closed on the one of the tanks, which had sealed off the flow of water from the tank to the hotel. Never once had he suspected that there was a body in the tank.

Though the water pressure immediately improved, guests started complaining about brown water running from their taps. Ninteen days after Elisa had disappeared, the employee checked the tank again. This time he gazed in to discover a shocking sight–Elisa’s decaying body.

Evil Entities

So what exactly were the evil forces that tormented Elisa? Demons. Unterweger would have high ranking status among them due to the atrocious crimes he’d committed.

During my vision, one of these negative entities had stabbed me in the chest, and a human spirit couldn’t have reached through time and space to do that– not even Unterweger.

A demon could.

Elisa wasn’t possessed, but was strongly influenced. By this I mean that they, especially Unterweger, affected her internal thought stream, literally manipulated her mind, and caused great despair, uncertainty, confusion, and fear during her stay at the hotel. This turned on the switch to her bipolar condition, creating a psychosis. On the last night, they stepped up their efforts.

These negative entities who plagued her may have even called her to the hotel. Why? Because they wanted to isolate her from friends and family as that would weaken her to their will. Alienation from loved ones is always a demon’s first move.

Like millions of other people around the world, I’m sad that such a beautiful person is gone. I know that she had a good heart and phenomenal artistic ability that had yet to blossom. Her loss was a loss for all of us. I feel that she would have contributed so much to this world.

And that’s exactly what demonic entities, who strive to bring death and despair to humanity, don’t want. Quite simply, they hate us–they even hate Unterweger who did their bidding on earth and now hold him in bondage.

By bringing us as much negativity as possible, the stronger they become to inflict even greater damage and atrocities on humanity. When enough negativity builds up at a location, bad things on a larger scale start happening, such as war, famine, and plague. You might have heard of the Skid Rowe drug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak that’s associated with Elisa’s death. I won’t go into it further, but the increased negativity in the area from the tragedy of Elisa’s death contributed to this outbreak.

I will continue to pray for Elisa and her family. I hope you will too.

© 2015 Marie St. Clarie