Chilling Tales

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is Here

by Bobette Bryan

Leaves rot on the lifeless ground.
Moonlight spills madness all around.
Shadows fall like fluttering shrouds
from wings of death hung on spinning clouds
as something wicked creeps into the seeping cold
along the silent valleys of old.
Borne from the pit of a blood-curdling dream,
it cuts into the pithy night with a scream.
Only half-seen, it spires on the shivering crest of a gale,
humming a dirge of death and ill will,
calling to lost souls laid in the barren ground
who rise like mist above hill, wood, and sound.
Their crazed eyes search wildly for a chance
to claim new souls beneath the moonlight’s dance
as they soar vaporously in a midnight flight of fear.
Hail, for Halloween is here.

Small Halloween Pumpkin

© Bobette Bryan, 2010