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Incubus and Succubus


Sex Demons

The incubus and succubus, also referred to as sex spirits, night spirits, and night demons are sex demons that come to people in their dreams for a sexual encounter. They’re mentioned in the Christian bible in Genesis, 6:1. The incubus is associated with the male gender and often attacks sleeping women sexually and physically. The succubus has a female gender and usually selects male victims.

They’re actually higher ranking demons, and once they enter your life, their presence will get stronger and stronger. Often they become much more violent. Their attacks are rape in the pure sense of the word, and their crimes are ones of hate. They want to control and subdue their victims.

They want to destroy the victim’s life.

Typically, they come repeatedly, often at night and attack the sleeping victim.  It often begins with heart-wrenching nightmares, especially sex nightmares, in order to impose a negative impact on the victim. They hope to wear the victim’s will down and leave him or her’s life turned upside down.

At some point, the victim gets worn down and the demon finds a way in and begins the sexual assault. Then, the situation escalates.

Sometimes, these entities can be seen, can take on a physical bodily form as they manifest to the victim’s conscious mind. At other times, they may appear as a misty, white haze like a ghost. Some victims never see them, can only feel the attack, which comes with all the stimulation and feeling of a real sexual encounter.

Some report the sex as pleasurable and claim that they came to crave the nightly encounters. Even so, such victims are left deeply disturbed by the encounters and are often tormented with intense sexual urges that are all powerful and overwhelming. Such sexual urges are all-consuming–far from normal urges. Their purpose is to draw the victim into sexual sin and despair.

Others report that these entities always bring violence. They will not only restrain, punch, and choke the victim, especially if the victim fights them, but will often break things in the home, move furniture, lift the bed, and throw things. Such attacks can happen all through the night.

The movie, The Entity, which is based on a real entity who tormented a woman for years, is an excellent example. The main character was not only repeatedly raped by some unseen force but also brutally assaulted. And the lusty entity followed her even when she moved to another state. There was no escape, no safe haven, for her.

All victims of sex demons feel drained, fatigued, depressed, and spiritually exhausted, and will see everything in a negative way.

And, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear of someone being attacked every single night.

For whatever reason, these demons often pick a child and attack the victim throughout his or her life.

But everyone is at risk for such attacks. Though certain activities such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, mirror gazing and other forms of communication with the spirit world can open doors, often these entities attack someone who had never delved into the supernatural. Even the very pious are subject to attack.

Some believe that being “close to God” or having “the body of Christ” in one’s life will get rid of these spirits. But it won’t. It might even heighten the attack, because demons hate God, and they want to hurt one’s relationship with God. They want to pervert faith, leaving their victims broken and without a sense of purpose.

Some believe that prayer will get rid of them, but often these entities will continue to torment the victim even after the victim has fasted and recited deliverance prayers.

Here’s an anonymous true reader account of such an attack. It shows how the demon worked on her conscious mind and even infiltrated her dream in order to manipulate her.

A reader account and reply from Psychic, Marie St. Claire.

“I’ve felt like something has been terrorizing me for years…affecting my thoughts, giving me horrible nightmares each night. I usually awake drained, emotionally upset, and depressed. For a while I thought that, perhaps, I was the victim of a psychic vampire.

Recently, it became clear what this thing is.

It began in what seemed like a very realistic dream about my place of work, a large law firm. I wanted to talk to my boss, Paul, who owns the firm, before I went on vacation, and so I went to the office.

My boss was asleep on a couch in his office, and I didn’t want to wake him so I decided to leave, noticing that no one else was around, which was odd.

On the way out, I ran into an overly friendly man with blond hair. He wore a black suit with a white shirt and tie, a typical office look. He was absolutely normal except that his facial features kept changing as if he was continually transforming into a different person, and that alarmed me.

He also had some kind of pet, which I only glimpsed out of the corner of my eye as it stalked about, something cat-like but feathered, and though I love animals something about the creature repealed me, and I remained distant from it.

He introduced himself, saying he was a new attorney at the firm.

Somehow consciously realizing that I was stuck in an odd dream and that this man could be some kind of real negative entity, I immediately told him that if he’s a negative spirit to leave in the name of God, something I’d learned via a documentary on Father Pio. To this, the man threw back his head and laughed as if I’d said something outrageously funny.

I repeated the command. Again he laughed, and then he started talking about his role at the firm. Though I can’t remember what all he said, he remained friendly and seemed very “into” me.

I somehow evaded him and left the building. Though my command had had no affect on him, I still felt uneasy about him, felt something sick in the pit of my being. A Catholic girl, I knew a thing or two about the demonic, and  I was certain that he would have had to leave if told to do so in God’s name unless he was a very powerful demon.

The dream took another turn, and I was suddenly on some vacation that involved car racing. But I was aware of the strange new associate the whole time as if he was there but invisible.

Suddenly, I was heading back to work. While I was outside the courthouse on a sunny day and digging for something in my bag, a man with blond hair exited the building and greeted me. I returned the greeting. Then, in a friendly and familiar voice, he approached, saying something about how he’d applied for a partnership in the firm but doubted his offer would be accepted.

While I was still fumbling with my bag and had no idea who this man was, I told him that I wished him well and would put in a good word for him with my boss.

I suddenly looked up and noted that, oddly, I couldn’t see his face. It’s like it was blurred out and out of view.

My boss, Paul, exited the courthouse and was approaching me, but the stranger moved to block him from my view.

Suddenly, the stranger took me in his arms, and I realized that he was the man with the changing facial features. And next, it gets really odd…if not for this part I may have chucked it all up to an odd nightmare. But it wasn’t just a dream and had some basis in reality as I could feel his embrace, literally, could feel his body pressed against mine, every inch of him. He held me tightly as if he was in love with me and wanted me. Again, I got the sense that he was very attracted to and passionate about me.

His embrace felt good, warm and comforting to my body, but not to my soul. I wanted to escape this man, I extended an arm toward Paul but couldn’t quite reach him.

I struggled to break free from this nightmare, when, to my total shock, I had a strange orgasm, one of the strongest I’ve ever had.

Again, I told the man to leave in the name of God.

It worked.

I broke free from the man, from the nightmare, and awoke in outright terror and relief.

But as I pondered what had just happened, fear, alarm, and a feeling of being violated filled me.  I immediately told my husband about what had happened. He was understanding and urged me to do some online research as he believed that knowledge would give me the ammunition I needed to fight this entity if it returned.

The odd encounter was on my mind all day. I remained in a state of semi-shock, feeling as if I’d been sexually violated. It was only later that evening after I’d read similar accounts that I realized that I’d had a sexual encounter with an incubus.

I don’t know what brought it into my life. I’m a very pious Christian. I try to lead a life of good morals and have strong faith in God and love for Jesus. I try to be kind to everyone and I strive to follow the Ten Commandments. Every day, I ask God for forgiveness of my sins. So I don’t understand what might have opened this door.

And now, I’m looking for information, for help, about how to get rid of this thing as, from accounts I’ve read during my research, these types of demons always come back. Please help!”


Marie’s Answer

You did the right thing by consciously fighting back and challenging this negative entity. If it returns, keep doing what you’re doing.

Keep commanding the spirit to leave in God’s name. Try to strive to do this even if you’re asleep. And I think you’ll be successful at that, because something alerted you on a spiritual level about the danger of this being from the beginning. I think you must have some pretty strong spiritual armor against it–thus it tried to trick you by changing and blurring its face. It knew you’d be a challenge.

When you challenge it, do so repeatedly until the contact is finished. Don’t let fear get in the way. Ignore whatever the demon says or does and tell it repeatedly to leave in God’s name.

This will usually work to subdue the attack.

I’ve said it before, but I can’t state this strongly enough: you must continue to challenge this entity.

You can also work toward consciously waking yourself to prevent an attack when the demon visits you.

It sounds like you’re already successful in this arena as you snapped yourself out of the dream.  So consider yourself armed with knowledge that will help you defeat this spirit. I’m confident that you won’t even give it a chance to embrace you the next time.You’ll recognize this entity from the vibes it gives off and refuse to let it near.

You can also battle the entity outside of a dream and on your own terms.

Find a place that’s comfortable and quiet where you can lay back and relax, preferably in the daytime when the entity will be at its weakest. Start by reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Then recite another prayer, asking for God’s forgiveness for your sins. Then recite a third, asking God for protection for you, your family, pets and home against all evil. Also, ask God for help and protection in your battle and to bar this entity from your life.

Then close your eyes and try to imagine the entity. Keep at this until you can see it in your mind’s eye. It may appear like nothing more than a dark silhouette or distant shadow.

If the phone rings, ignore it. You must stay focused through this process.

Don’t be afraid if it suddenly seems like you’re doing much more than simply using your imagination as this activity may give you a connection to the spirit world–to the entity. The moment you see it, tell it to leave in the name of Jesus and to never come back and bother you again. Renounce it. Don’t tell it to leave only once. Say it at least three times. Keep saying it until you can no longer see or feel the entity’s presence. Hopefully, you will see it fade before your very eyes, and it will go away for good.

If it doesn’t go away during this attempt, keep trying. In the meantime, keep living a virtuous life and don’t give up and don’t let it in. Deliverance is a process. Transformation can take time. But you have the power, with God’s help, to bar this demon from your life. God gave you that ability.

Good luck. I hope you will let us know what transpires.


Copyright 2015
Bobette Bryan and Marie St. Claire

The Succubus image is from Bobette Bryan’s Clip Art site at: ButterflyWebGraphics.com.