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Meaning of Nightmares

What do common nightmares mean?

People are looking to the supernatural for answers quite a bit these days. It seems like there’s a supernatural mania going around (which can be dangerous.). Likewise, the popularity of dream interpretation is at an all time high. Many report having repetitive nightmares. But what do those common nightmares mean? well, here’s the reason for a few:

Abandonment–This nightmare often represents the fear of losing someone close or something that’s meaningful to you.

Being Chased–This dream represents a feeling of being threatened, or it could represent a desire to run away from something bothersome–that big work or school project, an annoying old friend who keeps contacting you, a task you’ve been putting off. You get the picture.

Climbing–A dream that represents anxiety about something that you perceive as difficult to achieve, most likely regarding a career, educational goals, relationships, or something at home.

Falling–Another dream that reflects worry about losing something. It can also mean that you harbor a fear of failure.

Killing An Authority Figure–This dream often represents a need for change or a desire to break away from something in your life.

Missing trains, buses, planes, or an appointment–This nightmare can mean one of two things; either you have a fear of failing or you’re afraid that you’re missing out on something important.

Nudity–A nightmare that generally means a fear of ridicule or that secrets will be revealed. Do you have something to hide?

Taking Tests–Another dream that represents anxiety over trying to successfully complete a difficult task. Perhaps you’re trying to overcome some obstacle in your life.

© 2004 Bobette Bryan

Graphic: “Nightmare by elixile.