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Natalee Holloway–Missing in Aruba

A psychic investigation by Marie Saint Claire, 2005–Update!

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It has been more than a decade since Natalee Holloway vanished while on a high school graduation trip to Aruba, but even after numerous false hopes and dead ends, her parents have never stopped looking for her  and seeking answers.

Recently, new information, in the form of witness testimony, surfaced about the case, so I thought my readers may be interested in my investigation from 2005 and my long-awaited conclusion. My original investigation and updates are below. At the time that I did the first investigation in 2005, I was somewhat new to psychic investigations, and I was struggling to understand my gift.  Though I’d always had psychic ability, I’d only started having visions in 2003. It has been a journey of growth…but that’s another story.




Background Information

My husband mentioned a case he’d seen in the news about a missing teenager named Natalee Holloway. She’d vacationed in Aruba, a small Caribbean Island, following her high school graduation. I rarely watch TV, but when I saw a photo of her on a commercial about an upcoming edition of 20/20, something about her case touched me, and I decided to see if I could connect.

Preliminary Thoughts

Normally, I investigate unsolved historical cases only. I didn’t know if I could connect to this “new” of a case, but I thought I’d try in case the girl was alive and needed help. Those of you who’ve been following my column also know that I’ve not been receptive to remote psychic connections for nearly a year. In a remote connection, I visit a scene and/or a spirit in a way that’s similar to an out of body experience, and I directly communicate with the spirit or spirits. Something happened when I connected to the JonBenét Ramsey case, and I’ve not been able to make such connections since. I believe something purposely blocked me following my JonBenét investigation–perhaps the killer who didn’t want his identity known (he looked directly at me in the vision as if he knew I was there).

However, I’m still successful at what I call “Flash Visions,” which are visions in which I see glimpses of a scene, place, or people. My flash visions are similar to a movie playing on a TV screen. I’m a mere viewer. I don’t interact with anything I’m seeing. Sometimes, I see such visions as symbols only, so this is a very different form of obtaining information from my other types of visions, but sometimes such visions reveal clues of major importance.

Psychic Connection

I’m sorry to report that I believe that Natalee Holloway is dead. I saw her in my first vision–which was an intense Flash vision that nearly grew into a full remote connection. She was wearing a light-colored, two piece swimming suit and was swimming. She looked beautiful under the water, her long blonde hair flowing around her like that of an angel’s. It was almost possible to believe that nothing bad had happened when I saw her like that, and then I felt a mental jolt–a feeling that scared me and warned me of impending danger.

Then I saw her lying on her back on the earth–possibly the beach–at night. I believe she was dead because her eyes were open and fixed.

I heard something then, and I’m not sure how it fits into the case. I heard a male voice say: “Over here,” and then, “Turn around.” And then, more urgently: “Turn around!” Could it have been the killer speaking to someone else who was helping him hide the body? I don’t know, but it’s a likely explanation.

The voice spooked me and broke the connection.

The next night, I tried to connect again. Again, I almost made a full remote connection, but some noise outside shook me out of it. However, during the brief connection, I saw Natalee running on the beach as if fleeing someone. The sun was nearly down, the last embers glowing on the water or was the light from something else? Again, she wore the swimsuit. I sensed that the man she was fleeing was angry at her.

Somehow things had gotten out of hand that evening. I sensed that he didn’t want her to leave him. He caught up with her and killed her. I believe he either choked or drowned her–maybe a mix of both. I also believe that sex was somehow involved. Either they’d had sex that night, were going to have sex, or he’d raped her.

I briefly caught a glimpse of a man with a somewhat rough face, (acne perhaps). His forehead was broad, seeming overly wide compared to the width of his chin. He was Caucasian and had straight dark hair. His eyes were dark. I believe he was young, under 30. I kept seeing bright rays light up his dark eyes, even moving into them, and then suddenly the rays were gone, and his eyes were pitch black. I saw this change repeatedly, a symbol, no doubt, that likely represents Natalie’s death and the time of death as being after sundown. I think the black eyes also represent a complete change in this man, a revelation of the dark side of his spirit.

I saw Natalee’s body again, lying prostrate as she stared sightlessly at the night sky. I believe her body is in a woody area–not too far from the beach. The killer hid her body there or it washed up from the tide–though I think it’s more likely that he put it there with someone’s help.


I have done no research on this case and have none to report at this time. I do need to know the victim’s name and the location and date, if possible, that an incident occurred in order to successfully connect. It helps if I see a map or pictures of the location as I imagine myself mentally traveling through time and space when I’m making a connection. Tonight, I’ll try to locate some photos of Aruba online to help me the next time I connect.


Again, I believe Natalee was murdered. I really hope I’m wrong for her parents’ sake. Psychic connections aren’t 100%, especially Flash Visions, as they’re symbolic and can be interpreted differently. I’m sure that the beach and water was involved as the visions centered around the water, and each time I saw Natalee she wore a light swimsuit (a symbol?). I will try to connect to this case again at a later time, and see if I learn anything else that may be helpful in locating her.

Please pray for her and her parents. Ask God to give her parents strength. They are going to need it in the days ahead.

Update: June 10, 2005

I watched an episode on 20/20 about the case. Normally I don’t research a case until I’ve made a satisfactory connection, but this time I did in hopes that it might help me connect and put it all together. However, the show was not helpful–though it confirmed much of what I’d seen so far. Afterward, I tried to connect and was unsuccessful.

I was upset to learn that two hotel security guards are being detained. They have nothing to do with the case. In my opinion, however, I believe that at least two of the other three suspects had a part in this. I saw the photos of the suspects on 20/20, one of them resembles the man I’d seen in my vision, but I won’t name him.

Update: June 13, 2005

I’ve tried to connect to Natalee every day with only limited success. I believe I’m picking up bits and pieces from her mother, as the two are truly part of each other’s soul, even closer than most mothers and daughters. Sometimes I see the mother when I try to connect to the daughter.

But this morning, I managed to connect directly to Natalee–the connection was weak like a static-filled radio that kept blurring in and out. She wore light-colored clothes, including a button down shirt, but the vision was fuzzy. She kept saying a word that sounded something like: “Mother.” It was almost like hearing someone speak through water. I saw tears…so many tears. I believe that she’s confused and not accepting what happened to her.

In the days ahead, I’ll try to help her accept what happened.

I tried to reassure her and repeatedly asked her where they’d put her body. She kept crying, and then, suddenly, I saw nothing but sand and then trees high above (as if I was lying on the ground and looking up)–the trees seemed to be situated in a semi-circle with a beautiful horizon in the center. This leads me to believe that her body is buried. I told her that I needed something specific for her mother’s sake, but the connection broke.

Update: June 23, 2005

I’ve not tried to connect for several days. I’ve learned that if you press too much, nothing will come and bad things can result. So I’ve given it a break for now.

But I do want to comment on the investigation. What a bunch of bumbling idiots. They made a huge mistake from the outset by not arresting the primary suspects for two weeks. That gave the killer (or killers) two weeks to hide the body and destroy evidence.

Every time I hear the latest news on the investigation, I’m disgusted. And, do I ever feel for Natalee’s mother. Not only is she having to deal with the loss of her daughter, but the police aren’t giving her the answers she needs.

Get some New York City homicide detectives in there to interrogate the suspects, and I bet some answers will come to light.

Today they’ve arrested the main suspect’s father. Who are they going to arrest next, Natalee’s mother?

Obviously, the police are under pressure and just want to blame someone to make it look like their investigation is going somewhere when, in fact, it isn’t.

And really Aruba is what? Twelve miles long? How hard could it be to find the body? Look again. Keep looking until you find her. The body is there.

I don’t know about you, but I also get tired of hearing how great and saintly the main suspect is–a good student, an athlete, and all of that jazz. That doesn’t mean he didn’t commit murder.

On closing, I’ll say this. Let’s keep praying that they’ll find Natalee and resolve this mystery. And please, imagine Natalee’s mother with a white healing light around her. She could use some comfort.

Update: July 6, 2005

I have nothing new to report on this case. I’ve felt very unreceptive during the past few days. Perhaps this mental “block” is due to holiday stress, and maybe because I’ve tried so hard to connect during the past few weeks.

I’m alarmed that today’s news indicates that the people of Aruba are turning against Natalee’s mother. Awful and unbelievable! They seem to forget that she is missing a daughter! They can’t give her answers so instead they’re becoming hostile and defensive. Too bad that they couldn’t put that energy into resolving the case instead.

Update: July 12, 2005

I’ve had no luck connecting during the past few days, but when I received the letter below from a reader, alarms went off in my head. Of course, Montaña–the Swamp. Please if any of you searchers and investigators in Aruba are reading this, check this swamp! Not only is that very likely the word Natalee told me (and another psychic who wrote to me) but it would also be a logical hiding place for a murderer to put a body. In addition, if one of the suspects is guilty of this crime, the close proximity of this area to his home also makes it a feasible place for him to have hidden the body.

It’s important to note, however, that Natalee may not be located in the swamp. Instead Natalee could have been pointing to her murderer or to one who has information about the murder as I’ve learned that one of the suspects lives in the “Montaña” neighborhood.

A reader who called herself “Red” supplied this information:

“I am from Aruba. I read all your postings. The MONT. May be:
1. Montaña ( Joran’s neighborhood, a big swamp 1/2 mile near his house)
2. Rancho Monte blanco ( ranch, horses)
3. Capel Montecalvario, church

I have a photo of the swamp 1/2 mile from Joran’s house. Will try to mail U the pix. I bought a digital camera yesterday to help solve this case.”

Unfortunately, I never received the photo.

Update: August 3, 2005

I certainly don’t get a positive vibe about any recent developments in the case.

Any attempts that I’ve made to connect during the past few weeks have not been successful. Once, I partially connected and experienced something strange. I saw only a light turquoise blue before me and felt intensely cold, and as I moved toward this coldness, it only became more intense until it was unbearable. The connection broke. Another time I saw turquoise blue again as if I were under water. Does this mean that Natalee is under water?

I’m not sure.

I’ve felt all along that she’s buried somewhere on the island, and I even saw sand. Of course, and I hate to say this, it’s possible that she’s not in just one place. This confusion could also stem from the possibility that the body has been moved. This underwater area did have a cave-like look, but I don’t think it was a cave, and I didn’t see a trace of Natalee in it. Could the water hold another clue? Perhaps. In a couple of days, I’ll try to connect again.

I still believe that the word “Mont” or “Montaña” is of importance.

Reader Letters

A reader wrote in with this message: “Check out the area between Asahi Beach and Malmok beach as a place that they may placed her.” The reader doesn’t specify why he believes the body is there. I’ve requested more information from him. He wrote back: “As per my dowsing, I feel that she may be there.

Update: July 12, 2009

I’m updating this page, because today, after all these years, I strongly felt, out of the blue, that there will be a breakthrough in this case soon. I believe this, because Natalee came back into my circle of being and was inescapable, and the feeling was very strong. Now that I’ve connected to her, we’ll always be spiritually connected, and she may contact me occasionally.

If some evidence doesn’t surface soon, perhaps I’ll attempt another connection.

Some have written to ask if I’ve revisited the Island and learned anything new since my earlier investigation. I did return about two years ago.

First of all, I stand by all I said previously. I believe Natalee was murdered on the beach by a young man who fits the description I wrote in 2005.

I found on my return visit, however, that Natalee’s spirit is very troubled. She sits on a rock, overlooking the sea, in an area that’s not far from the light house and close to the shore. She thinks a lot about her mother and about home. She wonders why she can’t go home. She’s confused and hasn’t accepted her death. Time has stopped moving for her.

I believe that Natalee needs everyone’s prayers. So please pray for her and for her beautiful mother.

Update: January 24, 2016
Finally a conclusion.

It has been more than 10 years since Natalee Holloway vanished in Aruba, and the case is still cold.

However, after reviewing the known facts, old and new, I’ve arrived at a conclusion.

Here’s the case in a nutshell.

Natalee was last seen leaving a nightclub with three men, 17-year-old Joran van der Sloot, and two friends, who were brothers, from the island.

At first, the suspects told the police that they’d dropped Natalee off at her hotel. Then, they changed their story. The brothers said they took her and Van der Sloot to a different hotel. Van der Sloot said he left Holloway on the beach.

For months, international media covered the case. Numerous tourists and locals joined the search for Holloway, but she was never found, and the case went cold.

The prime suspect, Van der Sloot, is now in a Peruvian prison after being convicted of murdering Stephany Flores in 2010 (I believe this murder was the “breakthrough” that I’d picked up on in 2009, and indeed it was. It proved, without a doubt, what this man is capable of).

He has never been charged in Holloway’s disappearance.

Dave Holloway believes his daughter was the victim of foul play. He recently got a tip from a man claiming to have witnessed Van der Sloot carrying Holloway’s body on the night she disappeared.

Early in the investigation, Dave Holloway had received a call from the alleged witness, Jurrien de Jong, who asserted that Natalee was not in the ocean, but on land. Holloway originally brushed aside the call, one of many he received at the time from people claiming to know where his daughter was.

According to De Jong, on May 30, 2005, he saw a vehicle pull into the parking lot at the Marriott Hotel, which was near a construction site and the Holiday Inn. Joran and Natalee got out of the vehicle and approached the construction site, which was enclosed with a chain link fence.

He heard Natalee say, “Well the gate’s locked,” and Van der Sloot said something along the lines of, “Well, I know a trick.” Joran somehow unwrapped the chain and they went into the construction area.

He said he saw them get up on the platform, which was to become the foundation of the Spyglass Tower. He saw them run up to an area where half of a stairway was built. Afterward, he lost sight of them.

Approximately five minutes later, Joran emerged, carrying Natalee in his arms, and apparently De Jong could tell that she was dead. Joran threw her down hard on the concrete slab and then jumped down off of it and put her body on the ground. Then, he dug an opening under the slab and put her body in it. After he covered it up, he left.

Dave approached the authorities in Aruba with the witness statement, but they claim that the area never underwent construction or any significant construction as De Jong described.

But Dave Holloway was there on June 1, 2005, and he swears there was construction in that area. He said the area was all chained up, and they never searched there, because they assumed it was locked up and secured at all times. He said, “It was something we assumed that would never need to be searched, and it wasn’t.”

Furthermore, Google Earth maps from that time show that the area was under construction.

Not knowing what to make of De Jong’s story, Holloway got a second opinion from TJ Ward, a private investigator.

The more they learned about De Jong and dug into the evidence, the more they believed there could be something to De Jong’s story. De Jong even passed a voice lie detector test. But when they went to Aruba with a cadaver dog, they were blocked from the areas that they wanted to search. So Dave considered it a “failed mission.”

So that brings us to the big question, is Natalee’s body beneath that slab?

I considered connecting to this case one last time, but I realize that it’s not necessary. The information I received in previous visions confirms, in my mind, that De Jong is telling the truth.

De Jong’s story in mind, when I read the information I’d published years ago, I got that feeling I get when my visions and the evidence creates a whole picture. It’s like working a difficult jigsaw puzzle and you find that crucial piece that makes everything fall into place.

The only thing I’d change about my earlier conclusion is that I believe Natalee died as a result of a date rape drug–though I did say that he had to do with sex.  I believe the suspect slipped the drug into Natalee’s drink while she was at the bar. They went to the construction site, and I believe Natalee suddenly died from the combination of alcohol and drugs. I believe the suspect panicked and buried her as De Jong described.

I’d thought from the beginning that Natalee is buried on that island. The first time I connected, I saw her lying on her back on the ground. I more than just saw her, I felt her as if I was in her body, something I vividly remember. So this part of the witness statement matches my psychic vision.

I also mentioned seeing her lying in a circle of trees and with turquoise water nearby.  If you Google photos of the “Surf Club,” it perfectly matches that description as it’s like a walking trail in paradise with palm trees interspersed with turquoise waterways.

In one of my visions, I also saw light shining on the water. If you’ve seen photos of the area, then you know that the hotel is on the beach. The lights I saw were likely cast down from the hotel.

I also saw sand in one of my visions. If you Google photos of the construction photos, you’ll see that it’s sandy.

So these parts of my vision also matches the witness statement.

I also clearly saw the killer and his face matches the prime suspect. This is no big surprise–everyone now knows who did it–but it’s yet another match to De Jong’s story.

I’d seen what I thought was a lighthouse in the vision, but I suppose it could have been the Spyglass Tower, which is the platform that the killer put Natalee’s body on, according to the witness.

But one of the biggest clues, which confirms De Jong’s story in my mind was when Natalie communicated with me, a muffled word that she issued numerous times but which barely came through the psychic fog. She’d kept saying what sounded something like: “Mother” or “Motter.”

Back then, I thought that it meant that she wanted her mother or that it meant “Montaña,” which is the suspect’s neighborhood. I even called for readers to help me solve the perplexing riddle of the word. But now, the meaning is clear. It means: “Marriott.” Natalee was trying to tell me that her body is at the Marriott.

That cinches the case for me. I honestly feel that her body is there, and I think this witness statement should be fully investigated as it has the potential to finally put the case to rest for Natalee’s parents and for Natalee’s sake. I think this is what she needs in order for her soul to find peace.

And Dave isn’t about to give up on his daughter. He said, “As a parent you’ll never stop. Never. I mean, your child is off in a foreign country and you want to bring her back home, and I’ve got the means and the ability to go down there and check and do it, and if I’m willing and able to do it, then I always will.”

God bless Natalee’s parents. I pray that very soon, they will be able to take their daughter home and receive the closure that they so desperately need and have yearned for for so long. And I think they will. All along, I’ve thought that they’d find her. The time is drawing near.

“Natalee Holloway yearbook photo”. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.