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JonBenét Ramsey
A Psychic Investigation
by Marie Saint Claire

Mystic Echoes
An Underworld Tales Exclusive
© 2004 Underworldtales.com

Background information: Early on December 26, 1996, Patsy Ramsey called 911 to report that her daughter was missing.  She said she had found a ransom note demanding $118,000. Hours later, with law enforcement at the home, John found his daughter's beaten, strangled body in the basement of their Boulder home. 

Early on the parents came under suspicion, and a huge media circus followed. The killer was never found.

Preliminary Thoughts: Like everyone else, I  watched the case play out in the news and eagerly awaited a break in the case.  From what I'd read about it and heard on television, I always thought that the mother did it.  I thought she harbored a secret hate for the girl,  possibly a jealousy,  that was brought to the fore when she discovered that  the girl had wet the bed.  And so she killed JonBenét, wrote the letter, and then called the police to report  her daughter missing  My psychic investigation would lead me along another path entirely.

Psychic Connection:
When I connected, I found myself walking along a residential street in the winter.  The sky was gray--all was gray, barren.  It had to be cold.  It looked cold, but there was little, if any, snow on the ground.  I couldn't feel the frigid temperature as I was traveling  in mind and not in body.

I suddenly noticed a body of water to the left and realized that it was a long stream.  On closer inspection, I saw that on top of it was a thick layer of ice, and beneath it was
JonBenét.  She was pounding hard against the ice and screaming out only one word that I couldn't make out very well.  It sounded like she was saying: "Tigalle," "Tagull,"  or "Trygull." She said this strange word (or words) over and over very loud as she continued to pound against the ice.  Sometimes, when I make a connection, exact names don't emerge, because there's some kind of resistance that I'm always fighting against.  For instance: I did a psychic investigation of the S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald and was greeted by the Captain who told me his name was "Sorely."  Later research revealed that his name was in fact "Mcsorely."   Something similar could be going on here--that is if she was trying to give me a name--she could have been trying to communicate about something else entirely.

The water and the ice are symbolic.  I believe they represent her bondage--being unable to break free, and her frustration at her inability to communicate about her murder. I was glad that she was not afraid of me at least. I suspect that was probably because she'd been contacted by other psychics and recently so she knew what I was about.

I stood there, continuing to try and make out what she was trying to tell  me, pondering whether I should try to break the ice when I saw a man slowly walking down the middle of the street.   Hands in the pockets of his cargo style jeans, he was of medium height and medium weight with brown hair that fell below his cheeks and was cut somewhat square around his face.  The odd thing about him was that his button down brown plaid shirt was open, exposing a slightly hairy chest. and he was barefoot even though it was winter. I would say that he was probably in his early to mid thirties.

As I watched, JonBenét continued to chant the strange word.  The intensity in her voice only seemed to grow as the man came closer. I sensed that she was afraid.  I began to become afraid as well, because I wasn't sure whether or not he could see me--and he was still coming my way. The only thing I was sure about was that he was the murderer.

Still to confirm this, I asked JonBenét if he was the murderer. She said, "Yes!"

My heart beat fast as he got closer. Paused. And turned to look at a large house that was behind me--it would have been on his left.  He looked at the house intently for some time, and then he headed toward it. 

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, I snapped out of the connection, not sure what the communication from JonBenét meant and frustrated that I hadn't learned more.

Research:  I'm not ready for research yet.  I feel that I first need to make another connection and see if I can learn more about the murder and the man.  I don't want my analysis to be subjective.  So I will wait to hit the books.  I must have some solid clues in order to put the case together and find a solution.

Conclusion: I'm not satisfied with my psychic connection.  I believe that I need to return to the scene.  And normally I don't make a conclusion until I've done more research; however, my preliminary conclusion is that  JonBenet was killed by an intruder, a man who was possibly named Ray, Tray, or Ty.  His last name may be gull or galle, or something very similar.  I believe that he either knew the Ramsey's as his lack of dress indicates being at home, casual, or that  he lived close by, since I saw him walking down the street.  Of course, his bare feet could also symbolize that he was homeless or a drifter. 

I do believe that the intent way he was watching the house means that he had been watching for a while and thinking about making his move, and that the crime was premeditated.

Again,  I'm not sure who this man is, which means that another psychic connection is warranted to clear up the fog.  I'm only conveying this information now in case anything I saw might somehow help solve the case.

August 24, 2004
I tried to connect to the Ramsey case again, but I had no luck. In fact, since the last time I tried to connect a few weeks ago, I've not had much luck connecting to anything--with the exception of one personal situation. It's as if my psychic energy is sapped. I've never had this happen before, and I don't know why it's happening or when it will stop. I can only say that when I tried to connect, I saw a black square in the distance and inside of it was a green circle--I've had this square and circle appear often when I've tried to connect recently. Quite frankly, it never used to. So I can't account for its appearance either.

The first time I saw this square and circle, I was recovering from minor surgery, and was trying to have a nap. And though I was very relaxed, I couldn't get to sleep. Then suddenly the square appeared, and at first it was blurry and and seemed far away. I immediately felt myself being pulled to it as if it were a magnet. When I got closer, I saw that the green circle was slightly neon and somewhat pulsing and glowing. I was frightened to enter the circle that was sucking me in, and I unsuccessfully tried to keep from doing so. After I entered it, however, I quickly found that everything was fine. I was merely at an apartment that my husband and I were trying to rent, and he was there to show it to prospective buyers. I was floating above him, watching them look at the apartment and hearing the entire conversation.

Later, I couldn't wait for him to get home to find out if he saw me. He said that he hadn't seen me or sensed that I was there, but he confirmed that everything I'd heard the people say was exactly what they'd said. I could even quote things that he'd said. What's more, I described the couple perfectly.

This experience was very exciting to me. It wasn't like my typical psychic connection. I believe it was an out of body experience instead. There is a big difference between the two. With a psychic connection, I'm channeling information and seeing distant things and communicating with others using only my mind. With an out of body experience, I'm actually leaving my body and traveling with my soul--as if I'm a ghost.

The next time I tried to make a psychic connection to the Ramsey case, however, this out of body thing happened for some reason. The black square with the neon circle appeared in the distance. This time, I wasn't scared and eagerly pushed toward it and entered it--only I was ejected. It reminded me of a basket ball hoop. I was the ball who slammed in, but something from the other side forced me back out. I flew back with an astoudning force that snapped me out of my trance. It was a strange experience to say the least, and I'm disappointed. I don't know if something is trying to interfere with my investigation of this particular case or what. I'm still dedicated to the mission, however. I will try again and report my experiences on this page.


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