Chilling Tales

Rezso Seress

The Suicide Song

In 1933, Hungarian pianist and composer, Rezso Seress, was distraught after his girlfriend died. As a result, he wrote the song, “Gloomy Sunday,” which reminded him of his lost love. The song took on a sinister life of its own as many committed suicide after hearing the song.  After Seress took his own life, the song become known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song.”

Though the song inspires despair in some, others love the tune, including Billie Holiday, who recorded her own version in 1941.

The video above is the original rendition of the song. Listen if you dare, but if you’re feeling a little melancholy, history proves that it may be best to skip it. In the meantime, here are the sad lyrics in English and Hungarian.

LYRICS: (English)

Sadly one Sunday,
I waited and waited
With flowers
in my arms,
for the grief I’d created
I waited ’til dreams
like my heart were all broken
The flowers were all dead
and the words were unspoken
The grief that I knew
was beyond all consoling
The beat of my heart
was a bell that was tolling
Saddest of Sundays

Then came the Sunday
when you came to find me
They brought me to church
and I left you behind me
My eyes would not see
what I wanted to love me
The earth and the flowers
of the lover above me*
The bell tolled for me and
the wind whispered ‘never’
But you I have loved
and I bless you forever
Last of all Sundays

LYRICS: (Hungarian)

Szomorú vasárnap száz fehér virággal
Vártalak kedvesem templomi imával
Álmokat kergető vasárnap délelőtt
Bánatom hintaja nélküled visszajött
Azóta szomorú mindig a vasárnap
Könny csak az italom kenyerem a bánat…
Szomorú vasárnap

Utolsó vasárnap kedvesem gyere el
Pap is lesz, koporsó, ravatal, gyászlepel
Akkor is virág vár, virág és – koporsó
Virágos fák alatt utam az utolsó
Nyitva lesz szemem hogy még egyszer lássalak
Ne félj a szememtől holtan is áldalak…
Utolsó vasárnap


© 2015 Bobette Bryan