Chilling Tales

The Devil Rang Three Times

A Psychic Investigation by Marie St. Claire

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I want to share a terrifying experience I had two days ago.

For those who are reading one of my articles for the first time, I’m a clairvoyant. I don’t channel through another spirit but use what I believe is my God-given ability. One of the ways that I use my ability is through remote viewing. It involves relaxing, concentrating on a topic, and seeing visions on the back of my eyelids. The visions are sort of like watching a movie on a TV screen, but with varying degrees of clarity.

I can go forward and back in time. I see amazing things in my psychic travels– ancient worlds, angels, distant paradises, the miracle of eternal life, and I’ve been to the “other side” many times and have seen beautiful things there. But sometimes I see frightening, dark things in my visions as if I’d opened the wrong door or went down the wrong psychic path.

I love horses, and I’ve seen many on the other side, including a mare and her foal (identity unknown) and two of my favorites, Eight Belles who died in the 2008 Kentucky Derby and Secretariat, likely the greatest horse who ever lived. I always see Secretariat in a lush, green paradise, a place where he can roam and run to his heart’s content, but I’ll save my horse stories for another time.

However, as it’s relevant to this terrifying experience, I must explain that I have a special bond or connection to horses I’ve encountered on the other side. I’ve found that, during my visions, horses always see me, are aware of me. They approach me with curiosity. And, often, when I use my ability, horses appear in my visions as if they’re trying to connect to me.

So, back to the terrifying event that occurred two days ago.

It started with a simple request. My husband is considering changing jobs but is uncertain about it. He asked me to take a psychic peek and see if this is the best choice for our future. I hesitated for several days. Something told me not to look. And I really don’t like to look for answers to personal questions of this nature. I’m afraid that I may see something that I don’t want to see, and, perhaps, shouldn’t see. In addition, such a question is vague and likely won’t yield anything of significance.

But he kept pressuring me to look, so I decided to try one night when he was out of town on a business meeting, and I was home alone. I laid down, relaxed, and concentrated. As usual, the mysterious eye formed in my field of vision, and I found myself psychically shooting down a tunnel. Then I was in a blue-tinged, cave-like chamber that was made of rough stone. I saw nothing pertaining to my husband’s career.

But in the distance, I saw an ominous, dark being. Even worse, it apparently saw me as it was looking straight at me.

I immediately got a sense of ill-will and utter negativity. I knew I was in a bad place. In fact, in other visions I’d occasionally see similar places that were made of stone. And I’ve seen such beings before in my psychic travels. They are always solitary, as if a lone guard to an entrance to who knows where. They remind me something of a minotaur.

I silently prayed for protection as I took in the being. Was I shocked when the phone rang. It was late at night, and I wondered who in the world would be calling. I didn’t answer but let the answering machine take the call.

The sound that emerged from the answering machine gave me chills. It was a mix of heavy breathing, rustling sounds like wind beating against the panes, static, and, beneath it all, there was a low, chanting, fast-paced voice. I could make out no words as they were indistinct. Alarmed, I broke the connection and decided not to try again that night.

I endeavored to forget the odd experience and go to sleep, but the moment I closed my eyes, I saw that being again. He looked angry as he marched closer. I opened my eyes to break the vision…

The phone rang.

My breath caught in my chest. When the answering machine kicked in, those chilling sounds filled the room and made my heart race.

I prayed, and the caller hung up.

Hoping that was the end of the terror that night, I again tried to sleep. But when I closed my eyes, that being appeared for the third time. Now, he clutched a large ax. I thought he intended to throw it at me as he lifted it and aimed it at me in a threatening manner. Unable to move or break the connection, I could only watch as it sped through the air. I was certain that it would hit me, but it sailed past me.

I shifted to see a horse that I’d previously been unaware of. The horse was behind and to the left of me. The ax hit the horse and killed it. I watched in horror as the horse collasped. Needless to say, this was upsetting as I’m an animal lover who absolutely adores horses.

Was it truly the spirit of a horse or merely something that the being had conjured up to terrify and intimidate me? Likely something of the being’s creation.

I opened my eyes, finally able to break the vision.

Again, the phone rang, and those familiar and terrifying sounds filled the room.

By now, I was convinced that the being was calling me in order to harass and intimidate me.

That was it. I was too scared to sleep. I got up and turned on the light. I decided to stay up for a while. Questions filled my head. Had the being called through an actual phone line? It appeared so as there was a telephone number for each call on my caller ID. I got online and tried to trace the telephone number. I was shocked to find that it was listed as a local number from my zip code. No one I know has that phone number. I checked every family member and friend’s phone number to be sure.

I was so shaken up that I couldn’t get to sleep until around dawn. Thankfully, I had no more visions and slept peacefully.

The next day, I checked my phone again to make sure it was working okay. Everything appeared to be in order. Oddly, two of the messages were no longer on the answering machine–no one had deleted them, but the final message was still there. I played it for my husband. He too was baffled and shocked about the event.

They say the devil rings three times. Though I doubt that this being was Satan, I’m convinced that it was a demon. It had to be powerful to call me three times and force me into a vision twice against my will. What’s more, it knew about my love for horses and had used that knowledge against me. I think my presence and prayers had upset this demon and had elicited its psychic attack.

I only hope that’s the end of his contact with me, but I know that’s unlikely. This is one of the risks one takes in making a psychic connection. It proved to me that it can open negative doors. I’ve decided not to attempt remote viewing for a while.

If anything else transpires, I’ll report it on this page.

So what do I intend to do now? I’m going to hit my house up with cleansing and protection prayers and hope for some blessings. I’m a person of great faith and I trust that God will keep me and my family safe.

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