Chilling Tales

black cat

Unknown Black Cat

A true account about a ghost cat

by Bobette Bryan © 1998-2004

I’d originally published this story on Findagrave as a memorial for this poor unknown cat. As I’ve received many letters from readers who enjoyed it through the years, I thought I’d share it with you. 

mansionIn 1994, my family and I moved into a three-story Queen Anne Mansion that had been built in 1895. We quickly found that the house had many ghosts, including a black cat.

We’d see the cat dashing down the hall or strolling into a room and then vanishing. Sometimes, we’d spot it in the bathroom or in a bedroom, and we’d stoop to pet it, thinking it was one of our black cats, only to find ourselves grasping air.

Where this cat had come from and  what had happened to it remained a mystery.

We moved out of the house in 2001 but began renovating it in 2003. This photo is of the house after the porch had been rebuilt and was in the process of being painted. After we’d removed the front porch, we were shocked to discover the mummified remains of a black cat beneath the debris. Obviously, the poor thing had been dead for a long time.

mansion2I was certain that this was our ghost cat. I wanted to give it a proper burial in hopes of giving its soul peace. But while I was away, one of the workmen unknowingly put the corpse in the dumpster, and it was taken to the city dump.

We never saw the ghost cat again.


Hera (1994- 2004)

After we moved back into the house in 2004, however, our beloved black cat, Hera, died tragically on the back porch when dogs attacked her. She’d accidentally gotten out while we were busy moving. She had a crippled leg and couldn’t evade the attack.

Soon after Hera passed away, we began to see the ghost of a black cat again. Sometimes we feel her get on the bed at night and do her characteristic foot pressings.

It looks like this old house is destined to have a ghostly black cat.

-The End –