Chilling Tales

Last night, something unusual happened in my dining room. My fork disappeared. Literally. It vanished without a trace.

My husband and I had eaten dinner, and neither of us had left the table during the meal. When I finished eating, I laid my fork on my plate. My husband arose to collect the plates. He was about to take them to the kitchen, when he paused. To my surprise, he said: “Where’s your fork?”

“On my plate,” I said, thinking he was joking. But he wasn’t joking.

Bewildered, I gazed at the plate. My fork wasn’t there though I’d put it there less than a minute earlier.

We searched the table, my chair, the floor, the room, but that fork was nowhere to be found. The odd experience will remain one of the most baffling mysteries in my life.

The only other time that I’ve ever had an object mysteriously disappear was around 1996–yes, while I lived in the same house. I’d had a slinky red dress that I absolutely adored and wore frequently. One day, it came up missing. I searched and searched, but no luck in locating it. Months later, when I was hunting for holiday ornaments in the attic, I found the dress in a box. Neither I nor anyone else in my household had been to the attic in ages. The experience was very odd. It was like some force had purposely stolen my favorite dress and had hidden it away. And that could well be the case as my house is haunted. One of our resident ghosts could have been playing a prank on me or simply disliked that dress.

These strange happenings got me wondering if other people have had such experiences so I did some online research. I learned that this phenomenon happens frequently. In fact, sometimes objects not only disappear but appear out of the blue.

Here are some other interesting true cases that I found online.

Maybe someone or something thought that this romance wasn’t meant to be.

“I got a stainless steel promise ring for my overseas boyfriend, and I intended to send it to him via a friend. A few days before the friend was to pick it up, I took the ring out of my drawer to take photos of it, and I put it back in its black box and returned it to the drawer. When my friend came over, I couldn’t find the ring anywhere. I thoroughly looked everywhere at least five to six times. It has almost been a month now, and I still can’t find the ring or the black box. I was away for the weekend, but I always lock my bedroom door. I have a roommate, but I’m sure that she wouldn’t take it. She didn’t even know about the ring.

Also, recently two of my t-shirts came up missing, and I combed through my entire closest but haven’t found them yet. It’s actually pretty freaky.”

It sounds like this woman is being stalked by some unseen spirit.

“I have had this phenomenon happen many times. Here’s only one instance.

I bought an antique clock, which had a beautiful resonant chime. Once a week I dutifully wound it, always replacing the key on a windowsill to one side of it.

After about a month, I went to wind it, only to find the key missing from its usual place. No one else could have taken it as I live alone and never have visitors. Even if I had, the key was behind the curtain and could not be seen by a casual observer. It could not have been reached from the outside because I live on the third floor.

I scoured the entire flat, which wasn’t that big anyway, but I never found that key. I couldn’t replace it as it had an unusual fitting. Worse, I could no longer sell the clock because no one would buy it without the key.

I have had several other items disappear in a similar way.  I think there must be a miniature black hole lurking in my apartment, and items just get sucked into it every now and again!”

This story is believable, because, unlike a ring, it would be hard to misplace something that’s the size of a pillow.

“I was making my bed in December, 2015, and I placed two pillows with green pillow cases on a chair. When I turned to reach for the pillows there were only one pillow on the chair. What happen to the other has been one of the biggest mysteries to ever happen in my life to this day. My wife and I have looked everywhere and have not found the missing pillow. We are still searching for answers.”

Something unseen is definitely messing with this lady.

“The first time I had an object disappear was about five years ago. I was in my bedroom and a ring, which was a little big, fell off my finger. I heard it bounce on the floor. But, when I looked, it was not there. A friend and I removed everything, and looked everywhere. We even used a high-power light, but couldn’t find that ring. Then I vacuumed the hardwood floors, thinking it may have fallen in a groove, but afterward, there was nothing in the dust bag. Nothing. I then went each and every floor board with a magnifying glass. Nothing.

Then two years later, the same thing happened with another ring. Same exact scenario. I repeated my efforts and never found the ring. This time, I saw where the ring had fallen, but could not retrieve it.

Two weeks ago, A THIRD RING fell off my night table. This was becoming very weird.

And it just got worse. Last week, I came home, put the key in the door and put my key case on the kitchen counter. When I went to go out, the keys were gone. I’ve been putting my keys in the same sport for 15 years. GONE.

Now, this morning I was in another room on another floor and I took some artificial lemons and artificial strawberries out of a bag. I put them down to answer a phone call. I turned my back for a about a minute. The berries where no where to be seen.

These occurrences are becoming more frequent, and I’m now beginning to wonder if someone is trying to contact me or warn me. I know something is up.”

A true event missing object phenomena or an errant pen cap?

“I was sat at desk about to start writing some basic medical terminology down and I put the pen lid on top of the pen. I accidentally knocked it off and I was fast enough to watch it fall. I watched it go under a bag. I lifted the bag and the lid wasn’t there. I searched around in case it had rebounded after landing, and I looked in the bag, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked all over but nothing.”

It sounds to me like this person has a kitchen spirit.

“Years ago, things would appear or disappear in my house. I thought this had ended long ago. But over the past few days, it has been happening again. Suddenly, I’m missing two plates, then a butter knife, and today, a mug. I live alone and nobody else has been here. I’ve looked everywhere and these items are not to be found. I don’t understand. I’m not suffering from dementia or any other kind of malady. What the heck is happening?”

This one is really odd! I personally think it’s some kind of karma, perhaps a divine moral test. After all, taking something without paying is stealing.

“My husband and I were at a McDonalds drive through and only had a few dollars. We were hungry so we ordered two dollar burgers and a drink to share. When we got to the pick-up window, we were handed a big sack of food which was heavier than two dollar burgers. It felt like two meals, my husband took it, handed it to me, and we looked at each other in stunned surprised, thinking that we were really lucking out this time. I took the bag and put it on the floor between my legs. The employee handed out another smaller sack and our drink. We drove off into a nearby parking lot to see what all we got. The large sack of food had vanished. All we had was the small bag and our drink. Baffled, we looked under the seats, the back seat, and on the parking lot. We never found the big bag of food. We still talk about it sometimes and always recall how we both touched the bag and felt the weight of it. The event isn’t scary but really, really weird!”

Very odd, indeed! It sounds like this family received a visitation from some pious spirit who wanted to help.

“While my son was in the hospital recovering from surgery, my husband stayed with him. I went home alone. I was in the family room when I heard something fall, making a metallic sound. I looked around but saw nothing unusual.

The next night I stayed at the hospital with my son. He came home with us late the next evening. He went to bed, and the next morning when I went to check on him, I saw a cross laying on the floor beside his bed. I remembered hearing something metal fall on the floor when I was home, and his bedroom is directly above where I was sitting.

Neither my husband, my son, nor I had put the cross in his room, and no one else had been in his room. I had just waxed and cleaned his room the night before he went into the hospital. The cross has loads of symbols on it. It’s silver plated and worn. A bit of brass shows through. At the top, there’s a small ring for hanging it on a chain. We would have seen this had it been hanging up some place in the room. I had my husband go into my son’s room and drop the cross on the floor where I’d found it while I sat in the family room below. It made the exact same metallic sound that I’d heard. The room has a twenty foot ceiling and had it fallen from a higher point it would have bounced around more. I have the object, and I’m telling the God’s honest truth… The cross is not ours and we have no idea where it came from.”

It makes me wonder if my fork appeared in someone else’s drawer.

“I was going for a spoon to dish out a takeaway last night and when I opened my cutlery drawer I saw a spoon that I have never owned. All my spoons are of the same design and this one was completely different. No one else could have brought it in as i live alone. has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? ”


Do you have an experience with an object disappearing or appearing? If so, let us know in the comments below.